San Francisco Mayor Tweets out warnings to illegals. Promises to protect them from Federal officers upholding federal law

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#Shithole San Francisco mayor, @LondonBreed on Twitter, is promoting Obstruction of Justice and lawlessness in a recent stream of Tweets. In several different languages, she warns illegals of pending ICE raids, and promises to protect them from Federal Agents upholding OUR LAWS.

Immigration Legal help…man, they just LOVE spending our money don’t they. Newsflash illegals do not deserve legal counsel. They are NOT protected by our constitution, and should NOT be given any of OUR money! Period!

It is cruel and immoral that the federal administration is threatening immigrant families with secret raids that are designed to encourage as much fear and pain as possible.

It is cruel and immoral to provide FREE HEALTHCARE to illegals over Veterans and other AMERICANS in need. It is cruel to offer free housing to illegals when we have a homeless population of over half a million.

It is cruel and immoral to use AMERICAN tax dollars on noncitizens!!!

Translation: Here at SF, we express our values ​​of diversity and inclusiveness through being a sanctuary city that fights for our immigrant neighbors. We will be vigilant and will continue to offer services for all immigrants.

So bottom line: need a house? Food? Healthcare? College?Go to California because they will take care of you! Oh that’s right, ONLY if you happen to also be in this country illegally. Already a member? Those rules don’t apply to you, BUT we WILL tax the F out of you just for being poor and not able to afford paying for your own health insurance. $695.00 fine in fact, to all Americans living in California who can’t afford health insurance, just so illegals can get yet another free ride.

Translation: We want our community to be prepared. People should call the SF Hotline Rapid Response – 415-200-1548 – to report raids or receive legal assistance. More information about legal services for immigration in SF can be found at (link:

Translation: “The federal government is conducting an unreasonable secret search for innocent immigrant families, aiming to cause fear and pain as much as possible. San Francisco will continue to be a refuge city and will adhere to the core values ​​of our multiculturalism and tolerance to showcase Support for all our residents and neighbors.

This is shameful behavior. The comments are even more disturbing. That anyone can advocate for illegals so fully, while disregarding the entire American public, just shows you how lost California really is. They need new leaders who actually care for the people living there LEGALLY.

San Francisco’s mayor is an asshole.


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