Twitter, FB, and Google: The business of Election Meddling

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Tucker Carlson warned Donald Trump recently: You Will Not Be Reelected if Your Supporters Cannot Speak Freely. Think Big Tech knows this? They sure do.

We’re constantly showing you examples of Conservative censorship. We showed you Twitter manipulating Trump retweets/ Likes a few months back. We showed you Twitter manipulating our own accounts as well.

They’ve gone so far to silence that both @smalltownandrew and @LazyMeatball are shadowbanned. Silenced. Search banned. Even after writing into Twitter, stating we deserve to be heard, we deserve to have a voice like any other media outlet, we got no response, and the restrictions remain.

We’re not surprised. What is surprising however is what happens when people try to retweet us.

Here’s what happens when Erin Cruz tried to retweet a Tweet ABOUT HERSELF:

An interview we conducted for a current candidate, cannot be spread/ shared because Twitter doesn’t like us. How many of you are being silenced? Do you even know??? still has some tools available that function. You can look up your own @ and see where you stand with Twitter engineers.

This is election meddling. THIS is what Tucker is warning Trump about. Hidden Tweets, Likes/ Retweets disappearing, Followers being removed, we’re being suffocated by the Social Media giants.

How is a candidate to compete when their followers are being silenced?

We don’t even have Facebook. You have to be completely stupid to NOT see the amount of Conservative censorship on their platform. It is however an essential platform to use if you’re say, running for Congress, Senate, Mayor. Even Pinterest was getting in on the action lately, banning the Live Action account.

Funny how The Muslim Brotherhood is still alive and kicking on there. Of course, the account is private, so you cannot see the horrific pictures they post on there. Surely the engineers at Pinterest can…. Yes, even a group that is labeled a Terrorist Organization by several countries, and also marked by our own President as a Terrorist Organization gets to have a presence.

Tamika Hamilton is another candidate who has been targeted. Silenced by Big Tech.

Silenced once more by the Thought Police. The facts are this: The Left are holding the purse strings. They control the narrative. They have the power. WE NEED TO TAKE THAT POWER AWAY!

Of course, there’s also Google. We told you a while back about the algorithms, pushing conservative sites to the bottom…so far to the bottom you have to click through thousands of search results to even find anything…we told you about pushing Democrat/ Socialist agenda to the top. Well, Project Veritas once again catches some Google employees blabbing about how exactly they do that…

Stand up, Conservatives, Shout loud and BE HEARD! It’s so important we all have a voice, no matter the message. We will be forever silenced if this is not stopped.


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