Breaking The Law

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Our elected officials swear an oath to uphold the law. Why then is Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti vowing to break the law and not work with ICE to round up illegal aliens.

Democrat Mayors vow to break the law.

One might not agree with the law, but you don’t break it. This sends a bad message. Not to mention the law is being broken to protect individuals who have already broken the law, illegal aliens.

This entire matter could have been and can easily be avoided. All the Democrats have to do is authorize funding for the wall. Before it was popular to support illegal aliens, Democrats were against it. They supported border control.

Back when Democrats wanted to support border security.

In an exclusive interview, President Obama once warned illegal aliens not to send their children to our borders. What is it they don’t understand? These parents are irresponsible.

Do not send your children to our borders.

Accept it our not there is a crisis at our border. A country without borders is not a country. We must control our border and build the wall.


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