Another WIN for America: Planned Parenthood Defunded

Yep, no more of your tax dollars will be going to fund abortions, ruled the 9th Circuit Court in a decision that has shocked Republicans. The 9th Circuit is usually the one that goes against constitutional law on pretty much everything.

This money can now be spent elsewhere. This was simply a case of taxation without representation, and it’s about time that was put to an end. Taxpayer money being used for a service only about 10% of the population benefits from is NOT money well spent, ideology aside.

Planned Parenthood uses a lot of its funding to award special interest groups large quantities of money (think DNC), this does not sit well with most Conservatives, or any logical American for that matter. All taxpayer money goes into the organization, from all backgrounds, and they turn around and use it for the DNC and candidates which hold their interests.

This ignores the rest of Americans that are affiliated with other parties and it’s just plain wrong.

So long, Planned Parenthood. Americans can rest well now, knowing they no longer help fund murdering babies. Suck it, Miley.


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