California allows Illegals on Juries

Breaking the Law, it’s what California politicians do best. Probably, about the only thing they do actually…

They voted to allow illegals to serve on jury duty. (voter motor law). When you get a license in California, you are automatically registered to vote. Jurors are pulled from those lists. You have a 15% chance of being called.

“Jury of your peers” doesn’t apply here. It is simply unconstitutional. Someone from Honduras, who is not a citizen, judging the “right and wrong” of an American citizen’s action is NOT justice. Or are they just there to oversee trials of illegals?

Unless you’re a naturalized citizen who has read and knows our constitution, our laws are foreign to you. Stoning of gays is fine in Sharia states, but not in America, for instance.

Let’s not forget also, that jury members also get paid. So here you have an illegal who shouldn’t have a driver’s license in the first place, but do due to the lax policies in California, driving to Jury Duty every day without insurance, and getting paid to do it. Unbelievable.

Voting in school elections, voting for our president, and now deciding on your criminal prosecution. Great job, California. You’re becoming more and more like Stalin’s version of a Utopia every day.



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