Gov. Jay Inslee, Washington State(D), is the Leader of a Crime Ring

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What else do you call it when you have a Governor who allows criminals to run free in your state? Yep…he’s a King Pin, a crime ring leader, a rebel. And no, that’s NOT a good thing.

Gov. Inslee recently enacted several laws protecting criminal illegals in Washington state.

It forbids local jails and state prisons from honoring ICE immigration detainers and even prevents corrections officials from even letting ICE know about the pending release of a criminal illegal immigrant. The law also instructs the attorney general to draft new rules restricting ICE agents from making immigration arrests at courthouses and hospitals.

According to ICE, Rosalio Ramos-Ramos was arrested last January for murder and dismembering his victim. It happened just months after Ramos was released from a Washington jail despite ICE’s request for an immigration detainer and notification of his pending release, neither of which were honored.

ICE also cites the case of Mexican national Martin Gallo-Gallardo, who was in a Clackamas County Oregon jail. The statement said jail officials ignored ICE’s request for an immigration detainer and notification of release. Gallardo was released and within months was re-arrested, this time for allegedly murdering his wife.

The most recent case involves Francisco Carranza-Ramirez, who was also in the U.S. illegally. He was convicted of raping a wheelchair-bound Seattle woman twice. He was sentenced to time served and released, under the judge’s order that he self-deport back to Mexico. King County Sheriff’s officials say he eventually did return to Mexico, but not before assaulting his victim a third time.


Upon signing the highly illegal Sanctuary City Laws into action, Inslee stated, ” We will not be complicit in the Trump administration’s depraved efforts to break up hard-working immigrant and refugee families.”

Ice released the above stories. They were ready to aprehend the criminals until Inslee’s law prevented them from doing so. Many had tragic consequences. Criminals aren’t hard working, they’re DESTROYING families. What else is to be concluded then, but that Inslee is complicite, and considers these criminals “Mi Familia?”


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