More Deaths in the Dominican Republic, Teen in Coma Wakes Up

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We counted more than ten tourist deaths so far in a previous article, most media outlets reported only eight. One more to add to the list this month, plus a teen who has woken up from a coma just after a recent trip to the Dominican Republic.

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Poisoning is highly suspect, the FBI will be releasing toxicology results.

FBI toxicology results will soon be released as part of the investigation into the rash of tourist deaths in the Dominican Republic — as families have launched probes of their own, according to a new report.
Relatives of Miranda Schaup-Werner, 41, Nathaniel Holmes, 63, and Cynthia Ann Day, 49, have ordered their own autopsies following their mysterious deaths in May, the Washington Post reported.


Candela Saccone, 15, was scheduled to leave the Carribean island on June 19 when she fell ill from a life-threatening diabetic condition while staying at a Punta Cana resort, Argentine news outlet Cronica reported. After several days in a coma, she was eventually taken off a ventilator once her health improved.


Another American has died in the Dominican Republic, bringing the total to at least nine this year and four this month. Khalid Adkins, 46, of Denver, Colorado, died Tuesday, according to the New York Daily News

A State Department spokesperson confirmed to CBS News that a U.S. citizen died in the Dominican Republic on June 25. The cause of his death has not been disclosed. 

Colorado station KDVR-TV first reported Adkins’ condition Tuesday night, when he was forced to disembark from a scheduled plane ride home because he was too ill to fly. His sister-in-law, Marla Strick, told KDVR-TV that he vomited in the plane’s bathroom and was hospitalized in Santo Domingo, where she was told “his kidneys were failing.” His daughter Mia Adkins wrote on her Facebook page that her father “got super sick” after visiting the Dominican Republic with her last week.


Khalid Adkins traveled to the Caribbean island with his daughter last week, his family told the station on Wednesday. Adkins was supposed to fly back home on Sunday but reportedly dripped with sweat and vomited in the plane’s bathroom, forcing flight attendants to eventually remove him from the flight. 
On Tuesday, Adkins’s sister-in-law, Marla Strick, told KDVR that, prior to his death, Adkins had been hospitalized in Santo Domingo, the country’s capital. 
“He said his leg started to swell and that’s why he couldn’t get up. And he started sweating and vomiting. He is just yelling and in pain, so he couldn’t talk to me,” she said at the time. 


Adkins displayed many of the same symptoms other victims experienced: edema, sweating, vomiting. Most causes of death were ultimately listed as heart attacks.

What is a sure thing is we will know once and for all what happened to these people when the FBI’s toxicology report comes in. We are eager to also hear the teen’s story, and get a background of what exactly she did during her trip that could have possibly been the source.

We truly hope we will see no more deaths in the Dominican Republic this year, and the cause is released and eliminated.


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