San Francisco: The Good, The Bad & the Ugly

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The Good

magAMedia recently went to Sacramento California to film some rallies. In between, we took a day to head to San Francisco to film the homeless situation, the Twitter building, and the sites of the big city.

The Musee Mecanique at the Pier is pretty awesome. Tons of old school arcade games, toothpick sculptures made by Alcatraz prisoners, and oldtime moving picture crank machines.

The Pier is huge. All along the boardwalk you will find fun shops, street performers and hustlers.

The Bad & The Ugly

We stayed in the Tenderloin District for the night. Nancy Pelosi’s district. Our hotel was 127.00. $145.00 after taxes and fees. You’d think that it would be the Ritz or something at THAT price. It was however the first one we could find online that was not a hostel. The first one without a shared bathroom. We dropped off all our stuff and walked around a bit….here’s what we saw.

One thing that struck us as odd was we paid a healthcare tax when we ate at Jack in the Box.

In January 2008, the voter-approved San Francisco Health Care Ordinancewent into effect, requiring any business with more than 20 employees to set aside money for their workers’ health care. The 2018 set-aside rate is $1.89 per employee per hour worked for businesses with 20 to 99 employees, and $2.83 per employee per hour worked for businesses with more than 100 employees, and it goes up a small amount every year.
Employers can spend the set-aside money on health insurance, individual health savings accounts or a third program, run by the city, called Healthy San Francisco, which provides low-cost care to San Franciscans provided they’re within city limits. The ordinance, combined with the federal Affordable Care Act, has made health coverage almost universal in the city.


So basically, Socialism rears its ugly head in San Francisco in little ways for now. Customers now pay EXTRA tax (the % is COMPLETELY UP TO THE OWNER), and the owner uses that money to pay for health insurance for their employees. I’m interested to find out why they think I’m okay with paying for everyone else’s shit.

I’m not.

The state of the Tenderloin district is yet another matter. Feces, urine, needles, drugs, hookers, you name it, we saw it. Gun shots the night we stayed. Coincidence? Is it like that every night? Probably.

Take a good look at the pictures we posted. Sure, some parts of San Francisco are splendid. The majority of what we happened to see however would deter anyone from vacationing there, visiting, or most certainly living there.

It should also make you question why it is someone like Nancy Pelosi continues to be elected.

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