Mini AOC deletes account after being doxxed and threatened. What has the internet come to?

Anyone who is active on Twitter has seen the adorable Mini AOC parody videos filmed by an adorable little girl parodying AOC.

Very cute and its just a child taking part in humorous skits to make people laugh. Well deranged leftist dont think so. They have doxxed this precious little girl and are sending her parents death threats.

Very disgusting.

However I am not surprised. I have been on message forums and active on the internet since grade school. Over 20 years I have seen how low people will go on the Internet.

Back in May I sent a harsh message out and took a lot of criticism for the Mini AOC skits. In retrospect I wish I would not have been so harsh on the parents and phrased it a little differently but I was trying to be thought provoking because I was angry.

I was angry because I knew this was going to happen. I wish I were wrong but my 20 years on the internet told me this was coming…

My unpopular tweet in May

Very sad and pathetic what the left has came to. Also let this be a very dangerous lesson of what the Internet is capable of sadly.

Doxing a little girl because you do not agree with the views she expresses in videos shows how low the left will go. If you have an important job be careful of what you say. Liberals can and will use it against you.


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