Horizontal Harris blames Trump for the State of California

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Kamala Harris is a lying sack. Her district is trash. We recently visited the Tenderloin district in San Francisco, and it is a national disgrace. Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi and Democrats alike all blame Trump for the failure that is California. It’s ridiculous.

Trump is trying to FIX things in America. The Dems continue to screw us all over at every turn.

FACT: The new homeless shelter in San Francisco was VOTED DOWN by the people who live there….

Maxine Waters’ district is absolutely disgusting. One of the richest districts in America, yet they cannot seem to solve their own problems without passing ADDITIONAL TAXES. Waters and Pelosi have amassed literal FORTUNES during their time in office. Literal fortunes. They’re nothing but race-baiting slumlords. They should be ashamed of themselves, but instead of owning the issues they’ve created, they blame everyone else.

Kamala talks about people working two and three jobs just to survive. Been there, done that. I can vouch, but then I also lived in California at the time. Less than 5% of all Americans work two jobs. I guarantee most of them LIVE IN CALIFORNIA. Why are you blaming Trump for YOUR failures, Maxine, Kamala, Pelosi? It’s YOUR Liberal policies that have made California the #shithole it is today.

So basically, she’s talking to people in California about their working two jobs and how terrible it is, when she should be figuring out WHY it’s so damn hard to make a living in her own frickin state. This has nothing to do with Trump.

TAXES, TAXES, TAXES. You pay to park to get groceries. You pay for other people’s healthcare, as a special tax on restaurants and fast food. The rents are astronomical, so much so, you have engineers in tech in San Francisco still living in their cars….you give room and board to illegals for free college at UC Berkeley, you give free drugs to junkies via injection stations….you tax soft drinks like you give a rat’s ass about the general public’s health and well-being.

And this is who wants to run an entire country? She can’t even help her own state. Kamala Harris is a frickin joke.


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