Beto and Booker campaign in Mexico, escort illegals across the border- What Nation are they running for President of?

Recently, O’Rourke and Cory Booker campaigned in Mexico, as part of their presidential tour. You may remember both of them speaking Spanish at the Democrat debates recently…

Personally, as an American, I find this offensive. If you’re going to talk to Americans, use the common language. The fact that no one has yet made English the official language of the United States is absolutely ridiculous; citing it may “hurt someone’s feelings.”

So now people running for president can break our laws and they don’t get punished or arrested? Donald Trump has been under a magnifying glass his entire term. Dems are okay with this of course, so nothing will happen to these clowns.

Just which nation of voters are these two trying to win favor with? Mexico? Sure looks like it to me…. They don’t want a wall, and want open borders for all, so it truly makes sense to advertise to the people who will be here in a months’ time. Absolutely ridiculous.



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