Cory Booker escorts 5 illegals across the border. Also campaigning in Mexico

Democrat Presidential Cory Booker has admitted to breaking the law. Booker claims he helped escort 5 illegals in need over the border to thwart the Trump administration immigration policy.

As if it was not obvious enough what the democrats plans are they continue to dig in. Booker who spoke a mix of Spanish and Portuguese at the 1st Democratic debates is now heading to Mexico to campaign for president of the United States.

What an embarrassment Cory Booker is to America. With all the foolishness and buffoonery he has displayed he continues to sink in the polls. The stunts are not helping Booker no matter how hard he tries.

Should President Trump investigate Cory Booker for jumping the border with 5 illegals?

I think so, just like when Kamala Harris admitted to telling law enforcement officers to not turn illegals into ICE, Booker broke the law.


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