San Francisco Nazi Politicians Erase Historical Painting at a cost of $600,000

Once again, Liberal Politicians prove their love of The National Socialist German Workers’ Party, aka Nazis by emulating them completely. San Francisco recently paid $600,000 to paint over an 83-year-old historical painting of our founding father, George Washington.

Erasing history is something the Nazis did best, and San Francisco can rally with the best of them. Wall money? Way too expensive. Help our homeless! Nah, we’ll spend money to paint over a mural…

The painting, portrayed slaves, along with Native Americans, and is seen by some to be offensive, although it is a true historical picture.

“Why do we have to explain the pain caused by the visual offense,” one person commented in regards to the painting. THIS is history. Forget it, fine, the Liberal Nazis are already repeating it….



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