Teen Vogue Pushes Prostitution, 1000s of genders, and Calls the National Anthem Racist

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Cancel your subscription now if your kid is reading this trash mag. Teen Vogue recently put out articles stating “sex work is real work” and the “national anthem is racist.”

Sex trafficking is real. It destroys lives, and it is rampant across America.

Human trafficking continues to be one of the greatest human rights abuses today. According to the International Labor Organization, roughly 24.9 million individuals were victims of forced labor in 2016 alone, excluding cases of non-consensual marriages that may include forced labor or sexual coercion of minors.1 Globally, trafficking represents a $150 billion market every year,2 despite efforts to crack down on perpetrators.

The United States is not exempt from the illicit economy. According to the National Human Trafficking Hotline, 7,621 cases of human trafficking were reported in the US in 2016. This does not reflect the total number of individuals currently being trafficked; cases are only those cases that have been reported to the hotline. The cases themselves are non-cumulative, which indicates that they may involve multiple individuals with multiple counts of human trafficking.

California continues to be a top state for trafficking in the U.S. California maintains features present in other high trafficking areas, including: notable proximity to international borders, robust public and commercial transit, the greatest immigrant population in the U.S., and an economy with industries susceptible to exploitation.4

Nearly 300 mostly young females were victims of sex trafficking in San Francisco during the last six months of 2014, according to a new city report that statistically begins to uncover the severity of the exploitation.


So they push sex, and they also push the idea of 1000s of genders existing, ignoring true science.

There are TWO genders. Male and Female. FACT.

Aside from supporting the very basis of most human trafficking business models, Teen Vogue also admitted they hate America. “Racism and patriotism go hand in hand.”

Loving your country and protecting the freedoms our loved ones enjoy is not racist. Soldiers die every day for this great country, and they deserve everyone’s respect!

Sing it, Whitney


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