Giggly Anderson Cooper interviews Megan Rapinoe: Really?

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While channel surfing and getting ready to watch a program on Fox News last evening, I came across an unusual piece of broadcast journalism. I was baffled by the piece, for I wasn’t sure who the journalist was or if there was one. I couldn’t even decipher what the person was attempting to accomplish.

Later, after listening to and watching a bit more of the program, to my dismay it was Anderson Cooper. He was seemingly trying to interview soccer sensation Megan Rapinoe, but it seemed he was more enthralled by her fame. I guess the piece would have worked if it were a late night talk show, but it wasn’t. It was being peddled as real hardcore news during CNN’s prime time news hour.

At one point during the interview Cooper actually said he wanted to hang out with the soccer player. He made the request in his usual nauseating giggly annoying voice.

Megan Rapinoe and Anderson Cooper of CNN share a moment.

Ms. Rapinoe seems like a geniuine person and is a great athlete. So why does she have to be so nasty? When asked if she or her teammates would go to the White House if invited and she said no. I’m sure Cooper asked her the question to further the negative discourse in the public square.

Rapinoe says she nor anyone on her team is interested in going to the White House. Even if one of the team members wanted to go, the others would attack that individual.

Just imagine had she set aside her differences and said yes she would go to the White House. This would have shown others and our children that we can disagree and still be civil. If nothing else, it would have wiped the giggles from Cooper’s mouth.

Yet, had Rapinoe said yes she and her teammates would go to the White House, if invited, the fanatic radicals on the left would have attacked her. They have attacked any one on the left who has gone or thought about going to the White House. This is how the left operates. They can not tolerate any thing that is different than their personal identity agenda. Anything outside the box is attacked. Cooper certainly didn’t mind her response for he giggled through it.

A real journalist would have have questioned her decision to not go to the White House because of political differences, for what if all athletes did the same. The message being sent by Rapinoe only serves to divide then bring people together. Such follow up questions can’t be asked if the journalist is self absorbed and behaving like a groupie. Cooper not challenging her response pretty much signifies his approval.

To that end, I say real journalism seems to be dead. With the exception of independent citizen journalists and independent news online journalism sites one is hard pressed to find real news.

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