magAMedia Trump Junkies: Podcast #9: Angel Mom Agnes Gibboney & Rob Harper

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On today’s podcast, we speak with Agnes Gibboney and Rob Harper. Agnes is an Angel Mom. Her son was killed by a previously deported illegal alien. Her story is powerful and she has a lot to say about today’s immigration/ assylum system.

She is a public speaker and is trying to spread her message. Donations to help her pay for gas and hotels would be appreciated. Her information:

Agnes Gibboney
P.O Box 9413
Alta Loma, CA

Rob Harper has been featured on the Wayne Dupree Show, he is the author of “That Job Just Isn’t Into You: Starting Over When It’s Over”, a self-help guide to surviving and reinventing one’s self in corporate America or any job setting.

He is a seasoned political online commentator with over 20 years of experience in banking and journalism.

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