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While they weren’t one of President Trump’s finer tweets. Many have been saying what he tweeted for a long time. Only now the liberal media is paying attention.

President Trump calls out radical members of Congress.

What’s interesting is how the media paid very little attention to President Trump defending Nancy Pelosi against allegations by her own party that she is a racist. Even Nancy didn’t offer a word of gratitude to the president. No good deed goes unpunished.

President Trump defends Nancy Pelosi against party allegations that she is a racist.

The only reason the liberal media is paying attention to the presidents tweets is to further stoke fears of racism amongst black and brown people. It seems his popularity is increasing with them. At this stage of the game, you’d think the media would have gotten over playing the race card, but they haven’t. “They know the president isn’t racist.” If black and brown people are falling for the fake wolf calls or racism, heaven help them.

More propaganda to scare women of color.

President Trump has done more for blacks than the first black president Barack Obama ever did or could do. Trump has managed to reduce black and brown unemployment to record numbers (included in those numbers are women of color). He has pushed and gotten prison reform with the second chance act and created a neighborhood revitalization program. For the first time since the Civil Rights Act passage blacks are being listened to and given a voice to take their own future in their hands and rise up. The only thing holding blacks back now are other blacks on the Democrat mental slave plantation and white liberals. A bad combination of people.

Blacks speak of success under President Trump. This White House event received very little coverage from the liberal media.

Liberals hope the fake narrative of racism they push will reverberate in the black/brown communities so that all they think and believe are the lies being told. Day in and day out black liberal pundits are show cased on liberal media programming with liberal hostess pushing fake propaganda that Trump is a racist. Needless to say his actions in the black community tells a different story.

Matthew Charles a recipient of President Trump’s Second Chance Act.
Van Jones, a liberal CNN pundit, had to give President Trump his due.
Robert Johnson speaks truth to power of President Trump’s accomplishments for blacks.

Now that the truth has been presented back to those tweets. Truth be told Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley might be Americans, but their behavior is un-American. They are inexperienced ingrates who have been given a platform. They are using that platform to sow discord with their constituents and others. If they don’t like this country, they should simply pack their bags and get out. In the meantime, tone down the radical rhetoric.

Let’s hope Republicans are paying close attention to these four horsemen (women), so that when the GOP are next in power stomp them out! Don’t be kind, be precise.


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