Chuck Todd rips Mueller testimony “this was a disaster” and liberals are MAD

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Sleepy eyes Chuck Todd is known to be a staunch critic of President Trump. He has been pushing the Russian hoax since the beginning and has even been on the receiving end of verbal jabs from President Trump.

However in a shocking turn of events today even partisan hack Chuck Todd was forced to admit that Mueller was a disaster.

Chuck Todd admitting that it was a disaster shows how bad it was for democrats.

Several mentally deranged liberals with serious TDS have taken to Twitter to voice their displeasure with Todd.

Or because he finally said something smart?
Still have and a half years of her liberal tears left.
I bet she liked him yesterday 😂
This is called living in an alternate reality.
Ok that’s kinda funny. Shep would fit right in on fake news MSNBC
Triggered 😂
I agree with that. What a sissy deleting his tweet
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