DOJ officially opens Antitrust probe against Social Media Giants

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The DOJ has announced they’re opening an antitrust probe into social media companies. This means Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and the like will have a lot of explaining to do.

Lying in front of Congress just isn’t going to cut it. Twitter will need to explain away its own engineers admitting how they censor Conservative content. They will have to explain away the shadowbanning, the search banning, and outright removal of Conservative accounts. They will have to explain away the blatant follower manipulation, retweet manipulation, and why it is we see nothing but negative comments when we read Trump’s Tweets. That is of course, if we can find them, since they are now in fact not only labeling the President’s Tweets as offensive, but also censoring him in a big way; pushing his Tweets down so far no one can see them, disabling notifications, and making it VERY hard for a Trump supporter to actually find his Tweets.

Twitter will have to explain away why Erin Cruz, Congressional Republican candidate from California can’t even retweet Tweets that are ABOUT HER, in articles we’ve written ABOUT HER.

Yep, they’re even going after Donald Trump, Jr. Just incredible.

And yes…even Angel Moms. This one in particular was unsuspended after Trump vowed to take action on the matter. How convenient…

This is only Twitter folks, make no mistake this is a concerted effort by multiple social media giants and online moguls, to control the narrative, and to election meddle. BIGLY. Google is already in hot water over this very thing.

We’ll keep you informed on more information as the story progresses!

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