The Truth Isn’t Racism

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You are only labeled a racist when you are speaking truth to power and the liberal media doesn’t like it.

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You are not a racist nor is it racism to critique a black person or anything related to black people (or persons of color). I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired of the liberal media calling “truth to power” racist simply because they can’t handle the truth.

Truth of the matter, Rep. Elijah Cummings has been in office for 20 plus years. From the look of things, he has done very little to uplift his district in Baltimore from poverty and crime. He is not alone. Previous Democratic officials on local and state levels have hardly done anything to help the city of a half million people, other than enrich themselves.

The residents of Baltimore are eager for help, but black politicians and Democrats aren’t listening and don’t care. Instead, they keep rolling out the same policies that further impoverish the city.

A Baltimore resident speaks truth to power about Baltimore.

Baltimore statistics indicate that 22.4% of residents were below the poverty level; 2,669 were homeless and 309 homicides were committed there in 2017.

Catherine Pugh, the former mayor of the city who resigned in disgrace, earlier this year, said parts of Baltimore smelled like rats, dead animals and was dilapidated.

Former disgraced Mayor Catherine Pugh looks at the squalid conditions of Baltimore

Bernie Sanders, the socialist, who is running for president has criticized Baltimore. He said certain neighborhoods were uninhabitable and resembled a third world country. These areas happened to be on the black side of town.

In 2015, Socialist Bernie Sanders, who is running for president, said Baltimore resembled a third world country. Standing behind him were prominent members of the Baltimore black community.

With all this being said about the city, where was the outrage from the liberal media or Democrats? The president calling out Cummings doesn’t make him a racist nor is it racism it makes him a concerned leader.

Look at California and the districts Congresswomen Diane Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi serve. Parts of the state is becoming a third world country with homeless people defecating and camping out in public (diseases are on the rise). The president has called them out. He has also gone after New York Mayor Bill Di Blasio for the rodent problems (among other things) in New York City, and has called New Hampshire, a predominately white state, a drug infested den. Unfortunately, the president is only labeled a racist when he calls out the hypocrisy of black politicians.

Continuing along those lines, the same criticism from the liberal media happened when the president called out the Squad (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley: 4 women of color (who are running the Democrat Party). The media immediately said the president was a racist and attacking women of color. The truth is these 4 women are dangerous to our society and their views against Israel and America are cancerous.

Calling politicians of color out for not doing their job does not mean the president or any person of non-color is a racist. We need someone to speak truth to power and then follow it up with action.

What is racist/racism? The liberal media covering up the failed Democrat leadership policies of inner cities like Baltimore (Chicago, Oakland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Cincinnati), and not exposing the politicians like Cummings who represents them.

Labeling the president a racist because he called out Congressman Cummings is simply a diversion. It’s another tactic of the liberal media and Democrats to scare black people so that they won’t vote for Trump. (But what do they have to lose?)

To be honest, the president has actually done a service to Baltimore by bringing attention to the failed Democratic policies that have plagued it for so long. All should be glad the proverbial rug has been pulled back to expose the dire straits of a once prosperous city, that has only had one Republican mayor in the past 50 years. All of the other mayors have been Democrats with empty promises and policies.

That being said progress, I guess, escapes the city of Baltimore which is the birthplace of our national anthem The Star-Spangled Banner. It is is home to the Baltimore Orioles, and sadly it gave us the Freddy Gray killing and riots that followed, in 2015. Some things never change so it seems when it comes to black lives living in cities governed by Democrats.

My take on the Trump vs Cummings twitter fight

President Trump success benefiting blacks and people of color:

  1. Prison reform with the 2nd chance act benefitting black & brown people)
  2. The lowest unemployment in the past 50 years
  3. Unemployment for blacks the lowest it has ever been
  4. Community revitalization
  5. Increase number of black business ownership
  6. Auto portability of retirement accounts


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