Actor Mario Lopez faces backlash for saying ‘it’s dangerous for 3 year olds to transition’

In one of the most ridiculous overreactions from social justice warriors of the year, actor Mario Lopez is actually facing backlash for saying it is dangerous for kids to transition.

I fail to understand what is controversial about saying it is dangerous to let your kid transition at a young age. Transgenders are 100 times more likely to commit suicide than a normal person. Any reasonable parent would never let their child “transition”.

However liberals disagree. They want to turn kids into trannies.

Kathy Griffin chimes in to call him a bigot

As someone who was a huge Saved by the Bell fan as a kid, I am very excited to hear that Mario is a free-thinker and not brainwashed by the social justice liberal agenda. Good for him and all Patriots should stand with Mario.

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