On my way to my first Trump rally

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Right now Melissa and I are traveling to Cincinatti Ohio for what will be my first Trump rally tomorrow night.

I could not be anymore excited to see in the flesh what I have watched on television so many times.

The energy and excitement Donald Trump brings to a rally is exactly the energy and excitement he gave America when he decided to run for President in 2015.

As Americans we were concerned about our country and the possibility are candidate to go against crooked Hillary Clinton was Jeb Bush.

Donald Trump changed everything. He spoke to the millions of americans who had felt forgotten by their government and bread life into a movement that will forever change America.

Now I am 24 hours away from my first Trump rally and will finally get to experience the incredible energy for myself.

Please check tomorrow for exclusive coverage of the line and interviews with Patriots throughout the day!

Want to help us fund more rally’s or buy us a meal please go to excited go cover it for you! Want to make this our full time job!

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