President Trump rips “the dumbest man on television” Don Lemon

Don Lemon at the Democrat debate last night sunk to new lows. The Democrats complain about the standard of journalists that Fox News hires, yet they allow complete hacks like Don Lemon to moderate. Don Lemon asked a question during the debate that raised more than a few eyebrows, phrasing it as such that one would have to agree with the President being called a bigot in order to answer it.

Of course Trump was quick to respond.

Earlier this year Rob Harper wrote an article for about this very subject.

Don Lemon and fake news CNN continue to fail with the same rhetoric they have been spouting for nearly four years about President Trump. Whether it’s Acosta or Don Lemon, Trump will continue to call out fake news when it happens.

Don Lemon is a partisan race baiting hack who is the dumbest man on television.

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