Dems Fire White Staffers due to Concerns over Diversity

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has fired half a dozen staffers because they’re white. Roughly half the committee’s full-time staff were nonwhite (13 of 27) before the purge, but this was not enough for some members of Congress. They complained that when DCCC Chair, Cheri Bustos (Illinois) won the position, she had brought too many white staffers with her.

On Monday morning, Allison Jaslow, DCCC executive director and a close ally of Rep. Cheri Bustos (D-Ill.) — chair of the committee — resigned during a tense meeting at the party’s Capitol Hill headquarters. And in the next 10 hours, much of the senior staff was out: Jared Smith, the communications director and another Bustos ally; Melissa Miller, a top DCCC communications aide; Molly Ritner, political director; Nick Pancrazio, deputy executive director; and Van Ornelas, the DCCC’s director of diversity.


“Today has been a sobering day filled with tough conversations that too often we avoid,” Bustos said. “But I can say confidently that we are taking the first steps toward putting the DCCC back on path to protect and expand our majority, with a staff that truly reflects the diversity of our Democratic caucus and our party. I have never been more committed to expanding and protecting this majority, while creating a workplace that we can all be proud of. I will work tirelessly to ensure that our staff is truly inclusive. “

Incusivity at the cost of removing a specific race from representation. People took to Twitter to voice their concerns:

Discrimination is discrimination, just as racism is just plain racism. Will the Democrat party ever learn?

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