Amid 16 tons of Recalls, Immigration Officials Arrest 680 at Chicken Processing Plants in Mississippi

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US Immigration arrests 680 people at Mississippi chicken processing plants in what is now one of the largest raids in at least a decade.

Agents obtained search warrants and surrounded several factories in Mississippi. From the seven factories targeted, they arrested 680 illegal immigrants.

Mississippi is the nation’s fifth-largest chicken producing state and the plants’ tough processing jobs have mainly been filled by Latino immigrants eager to take whatever work they can get. Chicken plants dominate the economies of Morton and other small towns east of Jackson.

Based in Park Ridge, Illinois, Koch is one of the largest poultry producers in the U.S, with operations in Mississippi and five other states. 


Of course, people flocked to Twitter to complain.

How exactly ridding illegal workers at these companies “cripples our food production” I don’t quite understand. Not like they can’t hire Americans now…

I am reminded however of the massive amount of contaminated chicken that has been recalled in recent months. Perhaps this was a catalyst for action.

More than 30,000 pounds of chicken products recalled for contamination-risk by Perdue foods. Tyson had issues with “foreign matter” in their chicken in May, forcing yet another recall…

One has to admit the amount of chicken that has been recalled this year is astronomical. One should begin to question working conditions as well as the quality of workers in the facility. This was bound to happen.

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