16-Year Old Birthday Girl Socialist Snubbed by Bernie at Iowa Soap Box

We attended the Iowa State Fair, where many candidates were speaking, Bernie Sanders was one to stand out. While all the other hopefuls gladly took questions and answered peoples’ concerns, Bernie made a 20 minute speech and escaped to the backstage area to meet with the press’ cameras.

Fans waited for him outside; eager to get a glimpse and an autograph, but again he disappointed. One girl in particular stands out. 16-year old Bernie Sanders campaign volunteer wanted to see Bernie on her birthday. The young Socialist was a bit disappointed as he exited the backstage area hastily and passed her by with ease.

Welcome to the Social dictatorship.

Bernie seemed to have no time for the “local peasants,” and needless to say, so many were utterly crushed when he walked on by, standing true to his dictator nature.

Bill De Blasio came out after Bernie, and here she was, still crushed, in repose.

Happy birthday, little Socialist girl.

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