Tucker Carlson Suspended by Fox News for Calling White Supremacy a “Hoax”?

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According to several sources in the media, Popular host Tucker Carlson has been suspended by Fox News channel for saying White Supremacy is a hoax on his show.

After a firestorm from the leftist mob, it appears Fox News may have caved and suspended Tucker Carlson. Carlson announced on his show Wednesday night that he would be going on a “vacation”. Judge Jeanine was suspended for two weeks when she was in trouble from Fox News and now that is the same length as Carlson’s “vacation.”

Democrats still not happy with a possible suspension are actually demanding Carlson be fired for simply speaking the truth.

Carlson was pointing out that we had two mass shootings in one day and one only one of them was a white supremacist, yet all the media could talk about is how we have a ‘White Supremacist’ problem; when in fact, the majority of killings in this country have nothing to do with race or white supremacy.

The hate mob hates Tucker because he has the the third highest news show on all of cable news and speaks truth. They will not stop attacking Tucker.

Only time will tell if this is true if Tucker returns soon.

A very jealous Chris Hayes weighs In
Presidential candidate and Governor of Washington


It looks like Carlson will be on the show from his vacation and the reports of his suspension were exaggerated. After talk all over Twitter, it looks like Fox has stood by Tucker.

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