Domestic terrorists Antifa wreak havoc in Portland….AGAIN. Video diary

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Today groups the Patriot Prayer and the Proud Boys scheduled a gathering to represent unity and free speech. Exercising their first amendment right after the disaster that happened last month in Portland Oregon. No city in the United States should be so dangerous for people for simply expressing support for the President.

Antifa 8/17/2019 Portland Oregon

Treatment of police

So disrespectful
White racist yelling at black police officers.
Unbelievable how much the mayor has handcuffed its officers

Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer vs Antifa

Insane footage!
Attacking people with hammers


Attacking the flag

Treatment of the media

Hate independent media
Do interviews for CNN

The results

How much more will it take for the federal government to designate Antifa a domestic terrorist organization? They are out of control chasing people with hammers and pepper spraying journalist all while hurling racial slurs as black cops.

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