Recession, Relaunch, #Hashtag Lies, and Violence- This is the Face of the Democrat Party

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The Left’s desperation has been ramping up to an all-time high. The anxiety of knowing they could be stuck with Joe Biden seems to be kicking in, and they are coming out with wild conspiracy theories and resorting to unprecedented rhetoric.

Just this week we have seen
Beto O’Rourke relaunch his campaign for a third time to focus on gun buy-backs and Trump’s ‘racism.’

They start a bogus hashtag claiming President Trumps rallies are not full. #EmptySeatsMagaTour

Antifa terrorists violently attack Trump supporters in Portland

Omar and Tlaib try to make a scene in Israel after being sponsored by a terrorist group

they begged for a recession

The Left continues to ramp up its vile and violent rhetoric. With the 2020 election getting closer, we expect more of the same.

If Joe Biden remains the favorite, the media and the propaganda- spreading Leftists will continue to spread fake news. If it is Joe Biden against Trump, Biden will get destroyed. Most Democrats know this and have tried to get Biden out, but so far he holds strong as the Democrat favorite.

When will the violence and lies from the Democrats stop? What will it take? How far will they go before they go too far?

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