Scaramucci Says he is Assembling a Team of Former Cabinet Members to Take Down Trump.

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Anthony Scaramucci has been on CNN and MSNBC several times a day recently to talk about his ongoing feud with President Trump.

Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci said on Monday that he’s assembling a team of former Cabinet members to speak out against President Trump in an effort to find a Republican challenger to the president in 2020. 

I’m in the process of putting together a team of people that feel the exact same way that I do. This is not a ‘Never Trump’ situation, this is not just screeching rhetoric. This is, ‘OK, the guy’s unstable, everyone inside knows it, everyone outside knows it, let’s see if we can find a viable alternative,’” Scaramucci said Monday on CNN’s “New Day.”

“Moreover, I’ve got to get some of these former Cabinet officials in unity to speak up about it.” 

The Hill

Scaramucci has not mentioned names and one would think this is obviously just another cry for attention.

Just some of Scaramucci’s recent appearances in the media. He has been taking every opportunity available to him to bash Trump.

On the New Day
On Anderson Cooper
On Erin Burnett
On C Span radio
Fox News radio

I think you get the idea. He is making Avenatti-style appearances and his disdain for Trump is growing into delusion.

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