Movie Review: Ready or Not

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Anyone who knows me, knows I love scary movies; zombie flicks in particular, so sometimes I can be a bit harsh in my critiques. I went to see ‘Ready or Not’, the newest horror show on the block, and I can say I was pleasantly surprised.

As I sat in my seat, I fully expected the cheesy stinger music to “get me” at some point (you know, the trick they do with the music to make it seem like it’s scary, when it really isnt’t?) I hate those cheap shots, and surprisingly, there weren’t any.

The movie centers around a couple who just got married, and on their wedding night, the bride has to play a game in order to be accepted into the family. She ends up having to play hide and seek with a bunch of lunatics chasing after her.

Kids in scary movies always freaks me out, so this one had a bit of that. It also had some campy humor which I thoroughly enjoyed (no spoiler alerts here, but..wait for it, wait for it).

This movie truly reminded me of another flick I’d seen on accident during a normal Netflix binge watch session. ‘Would You Rather’ starring John Cleese was amazeballs, just saying. If you’ve seen that one, you’ll like this one too.

I didn’t have that feeling, as I sometimes do, where I am pulled out of the moment. The storyline is somehow believable, and it is fast enough to keep the attention of even the worst case ADD sufferer.

There was plenty of gratuitous gore in this flick, I just wish there had been just a bit more actually. Minus one star for that, but I do love the strong female lead, and her willingness to bring on the pain.

Highly recommend this one. 4/5 Stars. Two Thumbs up.

Release date: August 21, 2019 (USA)DirectorsMatt Bettinelli-OlpinTyler GillettProduced byTripp VinsonJames Vanderbilt; Willem SherakBradley J. FischerBudget: $6 millionScreenplayGuy BusickRyan Murphy

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