Omar Just Can’t Seem to Get this “Marriage Thing” Right

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Amid allegations of marrying her brother, Rep. Ilhan Omar is now being accused of stealing someone’s husband. Incredible. What’s even more incredible is that it’s a white man.

She has repeatedly stated that white men are the enemy, are dangerous in fact even more so than jihadists. People on Twitter are of course going wild about this one.

Ilhan Omar: WhiteMen are more dangerous to America than Jihadist Terrorist
FBI numbers clearly show here Blacks kill more Whites than Whites kill Blacks

The above data shows a clear discrepancy in regards to Ilhan Omar’s statement. Blacks are roughly 13% of the population in the US, yet they commit on average more crime than any other race (Hispanics are catching up swiftly). This is a cultural issue.

Jihadists are overwhelmingly people of color.

Serial predators are highly diverse, reflecting the demographics of the US population, according to the FBI. White people represent around 58 percent of killers, compared with 76.6 percent of the nation’s population.
While many prolific, white serial killers have gripped headlines, far less ink has been dedicated to those who are women or minorities. They include:
Chinese-American mass murderer Charles Ng received the death sentence after torturing and killing at least 11 people — six men, three women and two male infants — with an accomplice in a remote cabin in Northern California in the mid-1980s, according to the Los Angeles Times.
Rafael Resendez-Ramirez, a native of Mexico, murdered nine people in Kentucky, Texas and Illinois before turning himself in in 1999.
Derrick Todd Lee, an African-American known as the “Baton Rouge Serial Killer,” went on a killing spree beginning in 1992 that claimed the lives of seven women in Louisiana.
Aileen Wuornos was executed in October 2002 for killing at least six men she met along Interstate 75 in Florida.

NY Post- using FBI data

Whites represent roughly 75% of the population, yet only 56% of serial killers are white. Other races pick up the slack, disproportionately in that area. Again, as in gun violence, there is a staggering difference between % of population vs crimes committed when looking at the numbers by race.

The stereotypical version of a serial killer often is portrayed in Hollywood and crime novels: A young, white male who is extremely cunning but mentally disturbed slays scores of women to satisfy his sexual needs.
The reality, however, is that most mass murderers lead ordinary lives despite their perverse deeds. Few look like the most infamous serial killers in history — with only about 12.5 percent of US serial predators fitting the profile of a 20-something, white male, according to the Serial Killer Information Center, a project at Radford University that studied more than 4,700 mass murderers.


One has to wonder why so many more minorities are being killed by police, then right?

2012, 123 blacks were killed by police using firearms while 326 whites, including 227 non-Hispanic whites, were killed.

Center for Disease Control- Interesting….

Let’s look at the other side now. In 2013 alone, 49,851 officers were assaulted with firearms, knives and other weapons. Over the past 10 years, on average, 150 police officers have been killed in the line of duty every year. Fifty-seven of these were shot, stabbed, strangled or beaten. Of the 509 officers feloniously killed in the past 10 years, 46 percent of the perpetrators were black, despite their representing only 13 percent of the population. Do we call this a black war against the police?

So, Ilhan Omar’s statement about White men is simply unfounded and irresponsible, not to mention extremely racist.

What’s the punishment for adultery according to Sharia Law?

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