Review: Glow (Netflix)

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The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling; GLOW, is a throwback to the real GLOW team from the 80s; when wrestling was big, larger-than-life, and still believed by most to be real. It was a live-action soap opera full of drama, grudges and inspirational characters.

GLOW begins with a casting call, where the women chosen will be the new face of women’s wrestling, complete with character, makeup and wardrobe. The show chronicles their lives, and the natural progression of the wrestlers’ characters.

Season 1 and Season 2 of GLOW delivers. Full of funny characters, fantastic wrestling moves; you feel you are truly watching ringside wonders. Great matches, tons of actions, and humor that will tickle your stereotypical funny bone.

Enter Season 3. GLOW BLOWS. I can only think someone got a hold of the writers and made them change their themes. Instead of action and cheese, you will now be subjected to SJW BS, and rarely will you even see the girls dressed up in character.

What went wrong? I honestly have no motivation to watch this show any longer. Sad, because I first watched this LA/Vegas-based show IN Vegas, and it was such a treat. I had a truly great time with it.

Writers can still save this show if they go back to their old ways, but if they bring on another season like Season 3, it’s finished.

Season 1 & 2 ratings: straight up 5/5. Two thumbs up.

Season 3 ratings: 2/5. Two thumbs down. It earns two stars only because I love the characters so much, I love the concept, everything else just stinks.

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