Arrogant Comey Guilty- DOJ Will Not Prosecute

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The long awaited IG report came out today against James Comey and although they ultimately decided to not prosecute him it was a very damning report for Comey. None the less he took to Twitter smug and arrogant treating the fact that he did not get prosecuted as a victory.

James Comey IG full report click here

According to Fox News

A defiant former FBI Director James Comey insisted he is not a “liar and a leaker” after the Department of Justice Inspector General chided him for his memos detailing conversations with President Trump. Comey said an apology from his critics “would be nice.”

Trump has long accused Comey of being a “leaker” after The New York Times published information from his memos that claimed the president asked him for “loyalty” and expressed a desire for the FBI not to investigate Michael Flynn.

The IG report, released Thursday morning, said Comey violated bureau policies by drafting, disseminating and retaining memos documenting discussions with Trump. But it also noted investigators “found no evidence that Comey or his attorneys released any of the classified information contained in any of the Memos to members of the media.” In his tweets, Comey argued this vindicates him.


While the report did clear Comey of leaking classified information to the media, it was far from a full vindication from wrongdoing. The report details how Comey improperly retained copies of memos which they considered to be FBI documents. It also says that while the memo Comey leaked to Columbia Professor Daniel Richman to be passed along to the media did not have classified information, it still contained sensitive information pertaining to the Flynn investigation.

Additionally, the report noted that Comey did reveal information in one of his memos to his attorneys, and did not notify the FBI after he learned that the information was deemed classified.

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