Movie Review: Good Boys

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I’d heard a bit about this movie prior to seeing it, and of course I’d seen the previews. Many were saying they didn’t like the kids swearing, and it was inappropriate. Well, I took a shot, and I liked it. A lot.

Good Boys begins with a group of friends hanging out for the day, a drone is destroyed in the process, and they need to figure out how to get it back before DAD gets home. Hilarity ensues.

These kids deal with bullying, kissing parties, trying to be cool, and everything else you can imagine, including sex toys. I felt like an omniscient God watching this movie, it was like a sneak peak into the lives of kids that no babysitter or mom would ever be privy to see.

I really liked it, and I laughed my ass off at many points. Sure, they swore a bit, and this is definitely not a movie to take the kids to. BUT…when you see it, you will pleasantly surprised. It was HOW and WHEN they swore, and what they said that made it incredibly endearing.

It reminded me a lot of Stand By Me, and that’s a good thing. If you want some sincere laughs, and a great time, go see this film.

Rating: 5/5 Two Thumbs Up.

Release date: August 16, 2019 (USA)DirectorGene StupnitskyProducersSeth RogenEvan GoldbergLee EisenbergJames WeaverScreenplayGene StupnitskyLee EisenbergProduction companiesGood UniversePoint Grey Pictures

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