Omar’s Ex Tells ALL: Yes, She Married Her Brother

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We’ve been reporting on the “Omar Married her Brother” story for months now. As the evidence piles up, apparently the heat is too much for her ex, and he’s coming clean, so as not to be implicated in her crimes. Crimes which may include: tax fraud, identity fraud, marriage fraud, and immigration fraud.

According to Power Line Blog, a Somali source close to Omar, says: Ahmed Hirsi, the father of Omar’s three children is telling friends:

  •  that he will not go to jail for Omar;
  • that while Omar did indeed marry her brother (Ahmed Elmi) for fraudulent purposes, Hirsi did not know at the time that she had married Elmi;
  • that Omar is threatening Hirsi he would be in trouble along with her if the truth were to come out;
  • that Omar has asked him to state publicly that all is well with their marriage even though it is completely done and finished; and
  • that in fact they are living apart and have been divorced under Islamic law (although they remain legally married).

Ilhan Omar refuses to answer questions about her fraudulent marriage to her own brother and accuses anyone asking questions of bigotry and Islamophobia.
Ilhan Omar refuses to answer any questions about her affair with a married man even though her campaign paid over $200,000 to her married lover.

-Powe Line Blog

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