Wow! Whoopi Goldberg Slams Debra Messing of “Will and Race”

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We’ve been following Debra Messing’s tired tirade on Twitter, and boy has she made a mess. She called black people who support Trump “mentally ill” and “Liked” a sign posted from a church that said the same. She also came out and said the GOP hates Jews and practices voter suppression in another rant. She initially asked for lists of names of people that supported Trump, alluding to Blacklisting them.

#RacistDebraMessing was trending on Twitter the entire day.

She posted a phone number for people to text her to “talk it out.” After backlash she began to backstep.

Will these Hollywood types ever get it? Their bubble is so thick around them, they don’t see what everyone else does. As an actress who was once in a show focused on the life of a gay man living with a woman (a novel concept at the time), she should know all the good things Trump is doing for gays all around the world, let alone the Black community.

People on Twitter are calling her out on her McCarthyism-styled tactics. Trump supporters like Roseanne, Tim Allen, and the like have already been harassed and blacklisted by Hollywood. YouTube has taken down countless Conservative accounts, and she wants to talk transparency?

No. This is the Left’s way to silence one side by using fear. Surprisingly, even Whoopi Goldberg agrees.

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