Dems on Climate Change: Because Straws

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Among all the possible topics the Democrat candidates could tackle this election; homelessness, drug abuse, Veteran healthcare/ suicide prevention, they instead focus on your daily cup of coffee. Climate change: because plastic straws.

Plastic straws are not the issue, nor are they the solution. Kamala Harris wants to ban straws and force retailers to use paper versions. Let’s think about that for a moment. Yeah, no….

In all seriousness, there is already a solution for plastic straw use: straws made from corn. Yes, corn. In fact, you can go one bigger by using the compostable cups made from corn as well.

This is a non-issue. The solution exists. Companies, like Starbucks simply need to make the transition if they want to appeal to their “green” consumer base. The fact that straws are being singled out here, above their counterpart, the CUP, is beyond me.

Kamala Harris wants to switch to paper straws. There’s so many things wrong with this, I cannot even..

  • melting straw factor (wilting under extended use)
  • cutting down trees to make the product
  • fuel required by logging trucks
  • weight of the straws themselves/ shipping is higher than plastic or corn-based straws

What you save in plastic use, you will more than make up for in production and transportation costs.



We are one of many countries in the world that use straws. The fact that the Dems think simply putting an end to it on our side will have much of an impact on anything is laughable.

Of all the topics of debate the Dems are tackling, this is the one that will change all of our lives everybody, everything will be amazing when they solve that plastic straw problem. Seriously. 

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