Blasey Ford Lawyer: Roe V. Wade was the motivation for allegations against Kavanaugh

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Disgraced professor Christine Blasey Fords lawyer spoke at an event in an uncovered video and admitted the reason Blasey Ford launched her allegations was to protect ‘Roe V. Wade’. Having another conservative judge that followed life was a scary thought for all Democrats..

Judge Napolitano weighed in

Why would she be saying this now and do we care what the motivation was for her allegations against now-Justice Kavanaugh?” Napolitano asked.

“We all watched this. She was a credible witness. He was a very credible witness. Neither changed anybody’s mind, apparently. So did she make these allegations because they really happened and she didn’t believe he was worthy of a seat on the Supreme Court or did she make these allegations because she believed he was going to get on the court and wanted to undermine his credibility in some future vote against Roe v. Wade?” Napolitano said.

“What’s the worst-case scenario here? Did she make this whole story up? That would be perjury and probably conspiracy because others might have been involved. Does the Justice Department want to investigate this? Or is this just a lawyer saying ‘you know, we lost this, he’s on the court. We don’t like him,'” he said.

“One way to look at this is do we care what her motivation was now because it’s history. He has this lifetime position on the court and the people who hate him are going to hate him no matter what he does, or was there some unlawful behavior here like lying or misleading under oath that the DOJ should be concerned about? And why would like come out of the mouth of that woman’s lawyer who was her protector?” he added.

Source RealclearPolitics
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