Socialist Pamela Anderson wants China to Vote in our Elections

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Not only China. In a recent Tweet, Pamela Anderson said she wanted the WORLD to vote for our president.

because it has an impact on all of us.

-Socialist Pamela Anderson

Wow..a bit off the deep end, Pamela. China has approximately 1.1 billion more people than the United States of America. Their votes alone would suppress all the free peoples’ votes in the entire country. The President of China is elected by the National People’s Congress, which is made of 2980 people. Even China doesn’t expect its people to vote “correctly.” The ballot for president typically only has one name listed…

Pamela also said she thought universal income was a great idea:

At one time, some believed Pamela was a Trump supporter, but these recent Tweets lead us to think otherwise. She is a Socialist. Plain and simple. If I didn’t know any better, I might just think she was a straight up Commie.

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