Biden’s Gaffes Should Worry Voters

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Biden Speaking (Flickr)

Joe Biden has been receiving an increasing amount of attention because of his verbal mistakes. Biden’s gaffes are common, and it could indicate a lack of sharpness and attention to detail that is required to be the president.

Everybody loses their train of thought, makes mispronunciations or even mixes up details mistakenly. It happens to everyone and politicians are under more scrutiny than anyone else living a public life.

Biden has moved from “making common mistakes,” into portraying a state of confusion to the public.

His most recent mix up was referring to the president as “Donald Hump.” It is one of his more benign mistakes. Anyone could do that by accident. Watch that here:

During the debates, Biden told viewers to go to “Joe 30330,” which refers to a phone number. I don’t know how a person goes to a phone number. It was in reference to a website, but it is alarming that he is running for the most powerful position in the world, with no ability to plug his own campaign.

Biden will tell Americans to do one thing but mean something else.  No worries for Democrats though, it is just a lovable 76-year-old man who makes a lot of simple mistakes. Watch the “Joe 30330” gaffe below:

Here is a more worrisome gaffe. Joe Biden seemingly forgot President Barrack Obama’s name when speaking at a campaign event. He simply referred to Obama as “my boss,” after a pause of confusion.

If there wasn’t video of this, you would think is was made up. Watch this gaffe below:

If any of these events happened alone, it wouldn’t cause problems. However, the constant mistakes mixed with his age should cause any sane person to question his ability to run the country. At 76-years-old Biden is making these mistakes, he would be president at least until his 80s.

There is no way Biden is fit to be president. You can check out a compilation of gaffes from throughout his career:

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