RINO Mitt Romney is mad at John Bolton Firing.

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It seems like most are happy to see John Bolton go. Rand Paul came out and gave President Trump credit for his decision to fire John Bolton. Noted RINO Mitt Romney was apparently not one of the people that were thrilled with the firing. He called it ‘A huge loss’ for the country.

According to theHill

Mitt Romney (R-Utah) defended outgoing national security adviser John Bolton on Tuesday, calling his firing a “huge loss.”

“His view was not always the same as everybody else in the room. That’s why you wanted him there. The fact that he was a contrarian from time to time is an asset not a liability,” Romney told reporters Tuesday after the president tweeted that Bolton had been fired.

“I’m very very unhappy to hear that he’s leaving. It is a huge loss for the administration in my opinion and for the nation,” Romney added.

Romney has been a frequent critic of President Trump since he was elected in November. He even voted against President Trump’s national emergency for Border Wall funding.

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