The Trump Dynasty: America’s Most Successful Family

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Earlier this week, President Trump Tweeted a sign that read “Trump 2024” and Mainstream Media lost their minds. Trump loves to have fun at the media’s expense, but if he were serious about running in 2024, we’d be all for it.

Back in June he did the same

Donald Trump’s father, Fred was a very successful real estate developer. We all know Donald Trump is one of the best businessmen this country has ever seen. After watching a Trump rally in person last month in Cincinnati , it is not hard to see the apple has not fallen far from the tree.

Let’s look at Ivanka Trump first. Ivanka is more than just a pretty face. She has served as VP in the Trump Organization since 2005.
Ivanka’s star power blew up after she appeared on The Apprentice in 2006. She worked as a runway model for Versace, and print advertisements for Tommy Hilfiger. Ivanka, who has already etched her way into the business world, is married to Jared Kushner. They will be a power couple for years to come.

Next up! Let’s look at perhaps the most overlooked member of the Trump family, Eric. He has been VP of development and acquisition of the Trump Organization since 2011. In 2013 Eric was named “Rising Star of the Year” by Wine Enthusiast Magazine. He spent 5 years on The Apprentice building his brand. Eric’s future is bright.

Last but not least, my favorite of all the Trump children is Donald Trump, Jr. He is the kid that is most like his father. The oldest, and easily the most outspoken, Jr. started at the very bottom. He took a job as a bartender in Colorado for a year before moving back to New York in 2001, when he started working for the Trump Organization. Don Jr and Eric were chosen to oversee a trust that includes the Trump Organization’s assets upon the commencement of Donald Trump’s presidency. He is now dating Kimberly Guilfoyle who also has a bright future in politics.

Of course, there’s also Tiffany and Barron. Tiffany graduated from the Unversity of Pennsylvania, and is now busy pursuing her law degree. Barron is so young, but already has so much going for him. The sky’s the limit!

The Trump children are still young, highly motivated, and part of the greatest presidency in history. All three have tremendous opportunity for decades to come. Don’t be surprised if we see a day when Donald Trump himself is campaigning for one of them. I’d really love to see that.

Donald Trump must be as proud of his kids as they are of him. They all share the same drive and work ethic, and passion for life. I can’t wait to see the Trump Dynasty grow.


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