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Israel and its citizens are under attack. Palestine has been sending an endless number of rockets into Israel and not just at Israeli military bases, but they are sending their rockets directly into Israeli civilian areas, killing and injuring countless numbers of innocent people. Palestinian rockets have been sent to neighborhoods, destroying numerous homes. Some Palestinian rockets have hit ambulances, public parks, and even Israeli schools, one rocket in particular destroyed a special needs kindergarten. That’s truly a stark difference from the way Israel is fighting. Israeli forces aim for specific targets like military bases, killing only terrorists while trying their hardest to avoid innocent Palestinian citizens. 

The Palestinians, who are fighting very immorally, are firing their rockets from the tops of mosques. Mosques are being used as commanding control centers for Hamas. They strategically do this because the Palestinians know that Israel, as a moral country, is very hesitant to fire at places of worship. The Palestinians have used their own schools, hospitals, apartment buildings, and other civilian areas to store their weapons. The Palestinians have even put their military bases under places like hospitals because they know the Israeli military avoids killing innocent civilians at all costs. Hamas and Palestinian forces are literally hiding behind their own citizens like immoral cowards! 

Since Hamas often hides behind their citizens, the chances of Israeli forces killing one is heightened greatly. When innocent Palestinian civilians are unfortunately killed the American mainstream media and the Democratic Party full-on attack Israel. Many elected Democrats and the mainstream media blatantly call Israel immoral but then stay completely silent and avoid criticizing the Palestinians for purposely murdering Israeli citizens. This truly shows how much the media and the Democrats overwhelmingly support Palestine over Israel. For example, not even one of the Democratic candidates currently running for President in 2020 have addressed the horrific Palestinian rocket attacks. Some attacks are so bad that during one weekend last May, seven hundred rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip into Israel. 

Gaza actually used to be Israeli territory but in 2005, Israel unilaterally evacuated the land, giving it to the Palestinians, expecting that the Palestinians would peacefully move there to use it as their own state. But instead, the Palestinians took over Gaza purely to use it as a rocket launching terrorist base. Since moving into Gaza, the Palestinians have been sending hundreds of rockets into Israel daily. Thousands of Palestinian rockets have killed many Israelis and are badly injuring thousands more. Thanks to the Iron Dome, which the United States gave to Israel, many Palestinian rockets are intercepted midair. If Israel didn’t have the Iron Dome, I’m positive that thousands more Israelis would be killed. Crazy fact: One of the 2020 Democratic candidates, Beto O’Rourke voted against giving Israel the Iron Dome, which is practically the only thing that protects Israeli citizens from being mass murdered from Palestinian rockets. Unbelievable!

So I ask the Jewish Americans, why do you support the Democratic Party? They have obviously become openly anti-Israel. President Donald J. Trump, on the other hand, has been one of the most pro-Israel and pro-Jewish Presidents in United States history! He unequivocally supports Israel in the Israeli/Palestinian War, he officially declared Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, proudly moved the United States Embassy to Jerusalem and is strengthening the United States’ relationship with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. As Netanyahu told President Trump, “I think that the American-Isreali alliance has NEVER been stronger! It’s stronger than ever before under your leadership”. I 100% agree with Prime Minister Netanyahu! But why don’t the Jewish American voters? 

Why do only 16 percent of Jewish Americans consider themselves Republican? Why does the Jewish American approval rating for President Trump sit at only 26 percent? Why did over 70 percent of Jewish Americans vote for Hillary Clinton and more importantly why did over 75 percent of Jewish Americans vote Democrat in the 2018 midterms? It doesn’t make any sense to me. My message to the Jewish American voters is to seriously reconsider voting Democrat in 2020 because clearly, President Trump is the one who supports you, not the Democratic Party. I’m really hoping that we see a huge “JEXIT” (Jewish Exit) from the Democratic Party this next Presidential election. 

The Democrat presidential candidates refusing to mention the Palestinian rocket attacks is quite odd because Israel is by far the United States’ greatest ally in the Middle East. Just imagine if a great American ally in Europe was being attacked by a terrorist organization like Hamas. The Democrats would, of course, stand up for our European ally. But since it’s Israel that is being attacked, the Democrats choose to instead stand with the immoral, radical terrorists that are purposely murdering Israeli citizens. Why? Because many elected Democrats are openly anti-Semitic. I mean, just look at some of the insanely anti-Semitic comments made by Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and even Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. 

Now let’s figure out why the Palestinians are attacking Israel? Well, some people on the Left might say it’s because the Palestinians want their own state to live in and that Israel is refusing to compromise. But that couldn’t be further from the truth! The Palestinians have been offered a state but declined it on five different occasions. 

In 1936, a two-state solution that gave the Palestinians 80 percent of the Israeli territory was offered but the Palestinians, at the time often referred to as Arabs, turned down the offer. In 1947 the United Nations offered another two-state solution to divide the land. Israel agreed to the solution, but the Palestinians not only rejected the offer but declared war with Israel. Israel, of course, won the war. Then in 1967, Israel offered to give the West Bank and Gaza to the Palestinians in hopes of peace, but again, the Palestinians refused. In 2000, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak offered Gaza, over 95 percent of The West Bank, and East Jerusalem to the Palestinians so they can have their own state. But unsurprisingly, the Palestinians declined the kind offer and instead sent bombs that killed over one thousand Israelis and injured thousands more. Finally, in 2008, Israel offered the Palestinians land for the 5th time. They offered most of the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and additional land but once again the offer was rejected by the Palestinian President at the time, Mahmoud Abbas. 

What does that tell us? Well, it clearly shows that unlike Israel, the Palestinians don’t want to divide the land and live in peace. They want to wipe Israel off the map by bloody war so they can have the land all to themselves. The Arabs have 22 states from the Atlantic Ocean all the way to the Indian Ocean. Why do the Palestinians want to destroy and take over the one and only Jewish state in the entire world that is only about the size of New Jersey? It’s because the Palestinians absolutely hate the Jews. They hate that a Jewish state exists and they will do anything to take Israel off the map. 

Let’s take a moment to think about this: if Israel decides to quit fighting and put down their weapons, the country would be overrun by the surrounding countries and Israel would be obliterated the very next day. But if the Palestinians decided to stop fighting there would be immediate peace between the Jews and the Palestinians. But that isn’t what’s going to happen because like I said before, the Palestinians want bloody war. 

Israel has been in numerous wars in the past. However, none of them were actually started by Israel, meaning that every time Israel is in a conflict, they fight only in defense. Israel is in yet another war today and it’s with Palestine. Israel is definitely one of the most moral, diverse, successful, tolerant, democratic and peaceful nations in the history of the world and is also The United States’ greatest Middle Eastern ally. Israel undoubtedly deserves to be supported by both the Republicans & the Democrats. The United States, as the most powerful country, must show the entire world whose side we’re on and that we completely stand with Israel and the Israeli people.

I hope this OPENS YOUR EYES.

Author’s note: I wanted to let y’all know that a lot of this amazing information was obtained from some great PragerU videos about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. If you want to learn more about the war between Israel & Palestine here are two awesome PragerU videos on the topic. and are both absolutely fantastic! Also, if you want to learn about a different political issue be sure to check out the PragerU website. Here’s the link. 20190916_192928

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