Trans privilege: Liberal media sugarcoats the story of a transgender employee harassing a conservative customer

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We often here the liberal media talk about white privilege. We never hear them mention any other privalege or “Trans privilege”. In Nebraska a transgender harrassed a conservative while she was at work and got fired. The fake news media immediately came to her defense..

Guess what happens when an employee randomly harasses a customer and throws them out of the store without cause? The employee gets fired, that’s what. And everyone, or at least everyone sensible, agrees that they deserve it.

Unless, of course, that employee is transgender. Then, as intersectionality demands, special rules apply. The progressive and LGBT media cover the incident in a way that implies the trans employee’s actions were righteous, so long as the person they targeted was a conservative.

Or at least, that’s how NBC News and the Hill bizarrely decided to spin the story.

You’d sooner expect such coverage from Pink News and Queerty — the latter’s framing was the most egregious, painting the employee as essentially a hero who “ripped into” a “bigot.” But all of these news outlets essentially acquiesced to this same narrative.

Here’s what really happened: A belligerent employee, who just coincidentally happened to be transgender, harassed and targeted a customer without cause, just because she disliked that customer’s private political beliefs. The liberal media’s framing of the story clearly implies that the firing had something to do with the employee’s transgender identity, when it clearly did not.

The transgender employee, Natalie Weiss, approached a regular customer, whom she recognized as a socially conservative activist, and said “You are f—ing bigoted trash, and we do not want you in our restaurant. Over 80% of the people who work here are queer. You are not f—ing wanted in our restaurant, so get out and don’t come back,” as reported by the Washington Examiner.

Naturally, the cafe fired Weiss. In a statement, the shop owner said “The employee was fired almost immediately … while we’re proudly liberal personally … let it be known that we would *never* condone treating a customer this way.”

Frankly, this should never have been news. If the employee in question had not been a transgender person, it’s likely that none of the progressive outlets would have even reported this development, let alone reported it in a sympathetic light. Only because it suits a broader, left-wing narrative of supposedly rampant anti-transgender employment discrimination was it reported.
The fact that anyone could think the transgender employee was in the right here is mind-blowing but unfortunately not surprising. It’s consistent with the identitarian Left’s new mantra: Those who dissent from progressive orthodoxy on gender ideology aren’t just wrong, their very beliefs constitute an act of violence. When “thoughtcrime” becomes an act of violence, harassment and even actual violent retaliation are merely justifiable acts of self-defense.

This, not a fully justified firing at a random cafe, is the concerning development that’s truly worth reporting on here.

Washington Examiner
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