Is Kirstie Alley Back on the Trump Train?

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Kirstie Alley has had her fair share of successes and failures dealing with Hollywood. You may remember her from the WILDLY successful sitcom, Cheers, the movie franchise ‘Look Who’s Talking’ with John Travolta, and her very own sitcom, Fat Actress. I personally LOVED Fat Actress, which featured a side-story with her character being madly in love with Kid Rock.

This show ended WAY too early. I LOVED IT! SO funny!

Recently, she took to Twitter to express her disgust for the Hollywood bullying machine. She endorsed the President in 2016 in a Tweet on Twitter:

She later backwalked her statement, when the locker room talk video from 2005 was released, and after several bouts with Twitter users:

She might be back on the Trump Train after all, in this recent Tweet, in response to the call from Debra Messing to add Trump supporter names to a Hollywood blacklist:

The Tweet has more than 100K Likes. Whether she supports Trump or not, I admire her courage to stand up for what she believes in, and for her fellow Americans! This is the beauty of America. We have the freedoms to disagree without fear of persecution. Hollywood types have put the fear back in all Hollywood hopefuls since Trump’s election, culminating in many celebrities refusing to come out with their show of support, for fear of being Blacklisted. Thank you, Kirstie!

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