ISIS Sympathizer Arrested by FBI after saying he’d Kill a US Soldier; Thinks Boston Bomber is Innocent

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Alabama: A dual-citizen living in Alabama was arrested by the FBI after a 4-year-long investigation stemming from statements the man made about killing US soldiers. Nayef Qashou holds citizenship of both the United States and Jordan, and has been officially charged with lying to the FBI and destroying records.

Qashou communicated with terrorists who wanted him to carry out attacks, using several different encrypted phone apps. He referred to Isis’s deeds in the U.S. as “humanitarian.”

The FBI claims the Jordanian citizen told them he would execute a U.S. soldier if ordered to do so by ISIS.  He also added that he would, “drive fuel trucks, feed troops, and use a gun to defend against U.S.-led attacks against ISIS.”

Qashou came to America in 2015 via the Atlanta airport, hoping to study nursing at an Alabama Community College. The FBI tracked his movements and interviewed him over a dozen times throughout a 4-year-period, The AP reports.
Investigators documented one interview in which he insisted the Boston Marathon bomber was innocent. (RELATED: European Nations Won’t Sanction Iran Yet For Violating Nuclear Deal)
“…it was his duty as a Muslim to inform the interviewing agents that he thinks the Boston Marathon bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, is innocent and the FBI should reopen the case to examine all the evidence,” FBI records reveal.

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