School Cancels Game and Suspends Cheerleaders After ‘Backlash’ Over Cheerleaders’ Trump banner

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The socialist school system has proven once again it is ok to be political as long as the teachers agree with you. We just seen this week teachers allow students to skip school for the left wing global warming protests. Now a school in North Carolina has canceled a football game because of a banner held up by cheerleaders that reads “Trump 2020 “Make America Great Again””.

According to local news Local 12

NEW LONDON, N.C. (AP) — Officials in a North Carolina school district have canceled a football game at a high school where cheerleaders were placed on probation for displaying a banner that said, “Trump 2020: Make America Great Again.”

Stanly County Schools announced Friday that it decided to cancel the North Stanly High School game over what it called “additional information that could compromise safety measures” for sporting events. Officials didn’t detail that information.

Supporters had urged fans to attend the game to back the cheerleaders and protest the North Carolina High School Athletic Association’s decision to put the squad on probation.
The banner was displayed before the Aug. 30 game at North Stanly, northeast of Charlotte.

County Schools Superintendent Jeff James has said all North Carolina schools have a policy against displaying political signs.

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