Greta Thunberg and Her Family’s History as Actors

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Greta Thunberg was all over the place yesterday for her passionate speech about Climate Change. Greta is a 16-year-old Swedish Climate activist who has been hired by the Left to go across the world and preach the dangers of Climate Change.

Her performance would have made the actors at the Emmys proud. But the facts are she comes from a family of entertainers and her acting has gotten her the most attention out of all of them.

Thunberg’s Mother, Malena Ernman is an Opera Singer From Sweden

She has over 44,000 followers on Twitter

Her sister is also in the entertainment industry

Thunberg’s Sister, Beata, is a singer; She Has Over 11,000 Followers on Instagram

Beata rarely posts Instagrams about her sister. Rather, her social media feed is dominated by her evident love for singing.

Thunberg’s Father, Svante Thunberg, Is an Author, Producer, & Actor

Another actor. Her mother was an Opera singer and her father is an actor and producer

Thunberg’s Grandfather Is Olof Thunberg, a Swedish Actor & Director

Acting has obviously ran in the family for a long time.

Is there any doubt that she is a paid actress by the left to push this climate change hysteria? She has been compared on social media to the Hitler Youth with her pushing of the globalist agenda climate change. Just like we see anytime a school shooting occurs this is another way for the left exploit children pushing their socialist eutopia.

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