5 Times Judge Napolitano Said Trump Commited a Crime and Was Wrong

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Judge Andrew Napolitano has taken a major flip in the past few years. When Trump announced his candidacy Trump could do no wrong, but after being look passed for a spot on the supreme court Judge Napolitano has turned on Donald Trump and continues to claim Trump is breaking laws.

Trump on Napolitano in April

1. December 2018: Napolitano claimed that Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, had implicated him in a “felony.” (The Southern District of New York investigated and declined to initiate any further prosecutions.)

2. January 2019: Napolitano told Shepard Smith that Mueller would be able to show “collusion” and “conspiracy” because “the campaign had a connection to Russian intelligence.” The Mueller report found no collusion.

3. February 2019: Napolitano claimed that a phone call by the president to Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker was “obstruction of justice.” Mueller’s report, released a month later, did not allege any obstruction.

4. April 2019: Napolitano went on an extended rant claiming that Trump had obstructed justice many times — claiming, falsely, that Trump had ordered his aides “to break federal law.” Napolitano called President Trump’s conduct “immoral … criminal … defenseless … [and] condemnable.” In fact, Trump complied fully with Mueller.

5. May 2019: Napolitano claimed that Mueller’s press conference meant that he believed Trump committed crimes and would have charged him if he were allowed to. Mueller clarified in July that that was not, in fact, the reason.

Source breitbart

Judge Napolitano has fallen in line with the liberal media and jumps on Trump each and every time. Very sad and pathetic.

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